All my bloomin' life!

I'm often asked how long I've been practicing mindfulness. Well, that's an interesting question that says more about our social frame of reference than we might think. I get it, longevity is a common social metric that we use when we are exploring another person's background. For example: "How long have you worked as a police officer?" 

Often, my answer to the question of how long I've practiced mindfulness is something like, "All my life!"  I've been connected to my body and my experience, arguably in various states of awareness, since I came into existence. Who knows, maybe even before that. 

Anyway, my point is that we've all been gifted with this keen ability of intuition and presence, and we've all used it to some degree or another our entire lives. Mindfulness training merely helps us connect to our awareness and work with the many possibilities that awareness brings us. So simple we make it complicated.