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Resilience Immersion Training - California


Training location:  Camp Herms- El Cerrito

Hours:  March 4th - 1700-2000

             March 5th -  0800-1800

             March 6th -  0800-1800    

Instructors: Richard Goerling and Brian Shiers

Attire: Loosely fitting clothing for most sessions.  Athletic/Gym attire for fitness sessions.  Jacket and walking/hiking shoes.  You may need to dress for rain.

Supplies needed: Blanket to sit on and/or meditation cushion or mat.  Low camping/stadium chairs are an option.  Bring a water bottle and personal snacks for between meals. Day one dinner, light breakfast and lunch day 2 & 3, coffee and tea and juice will be provided. 

Deadline to register: March 1, 2016Tuition: $300 (includes food and bev)

Contact for El Cerrito PD:  Captain Paul Keith at 510-215-4426 or

Class content questions: Richard Goerling    

Overview: A deep exploration into the science and experience of mindfulness as it relates to resiliency, warrior ethos, and the hero’s journey. With a focus on mindfulness skill building to enhance    self-­‐awareness,     attunement    to    others,    compassion,    wisdom    and    peak performance.   Attendees  will  learn  skills  that  can  be  translated  to  their  personal  and professional life. This training model resources responders to take on the occupational stressors and trauma of their profession and learn to thrive through the arch of their hero’s journey.   

Sponsors: El Cerrito Police Department & Mindful Badge

Target Audience: First Responders (Police, Fire, Medical, Dispatch) Current & Retired

Richard Goerling is a police lieutenant and retired Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve. He has completed the yearlong mindfulness facilitator training at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center. He is an Affiliate Assistant Professor within the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University and is currently a co-­‐investigator and trainer in a National Institute of Health funded research project training mindfulness to police officers. Richard is a national speaker on mindfulness and resiliency in policing and cultural transformation toward an authentic, compassionate Warrior ethos.

Brian Shiers has studied mindful awareness methods at the Gurdjieff Foundation Los Angeles since 1993, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist practices for over ten years, and has completed nine week-­‐long retreats, logging in over 3,500 hours of both sitting and moving meditation. With a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science setting the foundation for embodied awareness, Brian has completed the year-­‐long facilitator training at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) under the direction of Diana Winston, Dr. Susan Smalley, and Dr. Marvin Belzer. As a member of MARC's faculty, Brian now teaches the signature MAPs I and II programs for UCLA MARC, as well as serving as Mindfulness Coach to the Bruin Women's Varsity Volleyball Team, and has brought mindfulness to the workplace at Disney Animation Studios, Mattel Inc., and Currently, he is a graduate student at Phillips Graduate Institute earning his Masters in Mindfulness & Psychotherapy, scheduled to graduate in the summer of 2016.