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Resilience Immersion Training

  • Le Casa de Maria Santa Barbara, CA (map)

Trauma Informed. Trauma Prepared. 

Resilience 24/7: On duty, in training, and at home

The occupational stressors for criminal justice workers are immense.  The work is often demanding and exhausting as we expose ourselves daily, repetitively, and cumulatively to human suffering in our communities that manifests in the form of racism, poverty, violence and exploitation.  As the atrocities become familiar and repetitive, suffering becomes routine as does our, often maladaptive, response to it.

Whether we recognize it or not, the nature of the work changes us.  How we are affected varies from person to person, but the effects are usually a process that happens incrementally over time in a way we often do not recognize until those effects are pervasive and show up in the form of burnout, irritation, anger, cynicism, a numbing of the heart, and countless medical problems.

Attendees will learn the skills of awareness, balance, and connection.  These skills result in the ability to notice and observe our inner world, the cultivation of equanimity and an awakened heart, and the ability to develop more meaningful connections with others in our personal and professional lives.

Leading resilience: introspective journey to leadership efficacy

Enhancing leadership acumen requires self-awareness, compassion and cultivation of personal resilience. This training focuses on the application of mindfulness as a means to develop stronger emotional & social intelligence skills as a foundation for effective leadership.

Experiential & instructional

This is an intensive introduction to the science of the mind and cognitive conditioning through mindfulness meditation and mindful movement. Opportunities for experiential practice through guided and individual meditations and mindful movement are supported with lectures/discussions throughout each training day.

Sponsored by Menlo Park Police Department. 

Limited seating is available. Tuition $800 for lodging, food and instruction. 

Co-facilitated by Richard Goerling and Brian Shiers. 

Later Event: September 12
Resilient Mind Workshop