Welcome to the Peer Coach application page! This process will require a significant effort on the part of the applicant. Please email Richard (richard@mindfulbadge.com) with any questions as you navigate this process. We will do our best to work with you and be sure you have all the information necessary to complete the application. You will complete this form AND email some documents to us to complete the application. Please review the instructions to follow carefully, and be sure to provide us detailed information. Pete Kirchmer and Richard Goerling will review applicant information. If we need further details we will be in touch. We expect to make final selections into this training program and will send emails to each applicant advising of decisions.
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As explained in the overview section, this program is an intensive introduction to mindfulness skill building. Participants will be equipped to coach peers in mindfulness skill development, to champion the integration of mindfulness within an organization, and to develop strategies of micro-training that help sustain more in-depth mindfulness training from certified mindfulness trainers. This is not a certified mindfulness training program. Our training curriculum is considered intellectual property and, as such, protected under state and federal copyright laws.
Please email a letter of interest to richard@mindfulbadge.com. This letter must describe a summary of your background, to include, but not limited to the following: -Why you are applying to this program? -How you meet the requirements for application? -How you have prepared yourself to journey through this training? -What you seek to do with the knowledge and skills gained from this training? -What your vision for mindfulness looks like. -Challenges you will face in this training program and strategies to overcome them. -Any other relevant information to support your application.
Please email two (2) professional letters of recommendation to richard@mindfulbadge.com. The letter of recommendation should speak to the observations and experiences of the writer regarding: -Your commitment to be successful in this training program -Your previous work around mindfulness in organizations -Your ability to navigate challenges -Your capacity for teamwork outside of your own organization -Other relevant information
Please email a current CV or Resume to richard@mindfulbadge.com. Your submission should list your relevant training in mindfulness and in instructional technologies.