MBPCT Pre-Requisites

All applications will be reviewed carefully; exceptions to the following will be considered on a case by case basis. Training faculty will consider a combination of training and experience that might be somewhat different from these requirements, if articulated skillfully in the application.

Formal Training

  • participation in a Mindful Badge Initiative Resilience Immersion Training

  • participation in an MBSR, mPEAK, MBAT, or MSC 6 or 8 week course

  • participation in a formal Mindfulness Based Training intervention (MBI) such as a formal mindfulness retreat or other training

  • participation in other formal mind-body training programs

Personal Practice

  • Ongoing, daily, sitting mindfulness meditation practice for at least one year

Professional Experience

  • Experience as a trainer in a specialty skill area

  • Experience as a teacher or coach

  • Currently employed in, or retired from, a high reliability occupation