Mindfulness Based Peer Coach Training - Distance Learning Module II (DLM)

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Mindfulness Based Peer Coach Training - Distance Learning Module II (DLM)


Module  II: Distance Learning

This is the second phase of the MBPCT model. Successfully completing this module is a requirement for entering Module III.

This is a 3-Part training program that leads towards becoming a peer coach for performance and resilience. Graduates of all three phases of this training program will be capable of championing mindfulness as a preventative approach to health and wellness and as a path toward performance optimization- at work, at home, and in the community.
Peer Coaches can integrate seamlessly into existing leadership and training constructs within a public safety agency- operations, training, administration, etc. Peer Coaches will be able to build mindfulness training models, collaborating with community, regional and national certified trainers to tailor resilience and performance training to meet the unique needs of their organization. Peer coaches will be equipped to integrate mindfulness training sessions into the regular rhythms of their organization, ensuring skillful instruction and resourcing others so peers can continue their own mindfulness practice.
Participants in this training program must complete the following to earn the designation of a Peer Resilience Coach:

  1. Module I: 3-day intensive – mindfulness skill building

  2. Module II: 12-week Distance Learning- study, mentorship and personal practice

  3. Module III: 3-day intensive – mindfulness for performance, movement and mindful nutrition, and coaching skills

  4. Practicum – local project of training/education.

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A part of the hybrid training model, this module will run 12 weeks with virtual conference meetings with a training cohort and trainer/mentor every other week. Additionally, participants will have assigned work that will be submitted every two weeks to their assigned trainer/mentor.

Training Objectives for Module II:

  1. Sustain fundamental mindfulness skills that foster self-awareness and self-regulation.  

  2. Create and sustain, through awareness and compassion practices, a greater capacity for leadership of self and others.  

  3. Understand multi-disciplinary approach to coaching others, including habit formation and change management, motivation, and cultural/occupational factors.

  4. Understand occupational stress and trauma and how trauma informed training practices help inform mindfulness coaching.