Specialized Training Opportunities

We train skills in self-efficacy that have strong influence on our ability to move through the world with a greater capacity to see, listen, think, feel, and perform. Our team will tailor training to meet the demands of our clients in whatever landscape you operate, from the battlefield to the boardroom. 


Peer Coach Development

After years of work in this field, Mindful Badge Initiative has created a Peer Coach training model that develops personnel so they can do (limited) mindfulness trainings within their organization.


Performance Improvement

Advanced mindfulness skills training can be adapted to a variety of high reliability landscapes in training individuals and teams.

Our team works with yours to tailor training curriculum that is relevant and accessible to your team members.


Conflict De-escalation

How we respond to conflict begins long before we step into the space where we feel tension.

Mindfulness skills training can be adapted to develop skills that reduce reactivity, sharpen attention, and open up a more skillful compassion. These combine to create a powerful capacity to be in conflict in ways that ground and allow us to respond skillfully.