If you want to enhance your tactical skills, sleep better, stress less, and improve both your physical and mental health – this training is for you. If you like feeling exhausted, agitated, and miserable, then it’s not. It doesn’t matter if it’s called meditation & yoga, or tactical breathing & mindful movement. Semantics don’t change the fact that it works.
— Renae, Police Officer, Immersion Participant


Overview: A deep exploration into the science and experience of mindfulness as it relates to resiliency, warrior ethos, and the hero’s journey. With a focus on mindfulness skill building to enhance self-awareness, attunement to others, compassion, wisdom and peak performance.  Attendees will learn skills that can be translated to their personal and professional life. This training model resources responders to take on the occupational stressors and trauma of their profession and learn to thrive through the arch of their hero’s journey. 

Target Audience:  Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Medics, Dispatchers, Forensic Scientists, Social Workers, Foreign Aid Workers, Other Criminal Justice Professionals, Military Personnel, Physicians, Nurses, Other Medical Personnel

Mindfulness & Resiliency Integrating into emergency operations 

Mindfulness offers to enhance human performance in these dimensions: situational awareness, physical health, cognitive performance (sense making and decision making), leadership and balancing operational demands with life beyond the watch.

Resilience 24/7: On duty, in training, and at home

Occupational stressors in a round the clock operational landscape have significant erosive effects on first responders; often, these occur so subtly that they evade the awareness of the impacted individual. Erosion of self-awareness is the first predictable effect of trauma, followed by what we commonly refer to as compassion fatigue, or burnout. This training provides an overview of latest science of well being, looking at stress and coping from a mindfulness and positive psychology lens. Waking to our senses and cultivating self-awareness is the foundation of developing further resiliency.

Leading resilience: leadership efficacy from the inside-out

Enhancing leadership efficacy requires self-awareness and cultivating personal well being. This training focuses on the application of mindfulness as a means to develop stronger emotional & social intelligence skills as a foundation of effective leadership.

Experiential & instructional

This is an intensive introduction to the science of the mind and cognitive conditioning through mindfulness meditation. Opportunities for experiential practice through guided and individual meditations and mindful movement are supported with lectures/discussions throughout each training day. 

Flexible, Scaleable and Portable

Immersion trainings are tailored to meet specific needs of the host agency and can be delivered anywhere, in traditional retreat models or in creative, more physically challenging landscapes (Trekking retreat, camp retreats, etc.). 

Sustainability that is Locally Sourced

This training is designed to cultivate capacity for skill building resiliency through mindfulness. Sustainable mindful culture and training opportunities is a theme of our philosophical approach to training and consulting. We will consult with agencies to develop a plan for sustainable, locally resourced, training options. 

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