The Mindful Badge class provided me a completely different framework to place my professional life into. Half way in, I was fat...discouraged...and essentially “done.” After applying some of the lessons when I got home, I find myself a full 60lbs lighter, and with a vastly different perspective on most everything. Recharged and refocused, I’m ready for the next phase.
— Deputy Sheriff, Immersion Participant


Mindfulness skills training cultivates and sustains resilience and fosters civility among police officers and professional staff within a police agency. Mindfulness changes the conversation and the experience around occupational stress and trauma. In short, this is Trauma Informed Resiliency. Training mindfulness is a preventative measure that equips police officers to perform through occupational trauma with greater capacity for awareness (self and situational), cognitive performance, and humanity (compassion, empathy, non-judgement). These ingredients are critical as we make our way forward in policing in the 21st Century. 

Infusing police officers with resiliency through mindfulness skills training positively impacts our organizational resiliency, fostering greater civility and equity among department members and enhancing our capacity for leadership of self and others. We begin the evolution of our police culture with mindfulness. 

Evidence-Based Approach

There exists an exciting body of scientific work surrounding stress and trauma. Mindfulness is in this arena. I’ve participated as a trainer and co-investigator in scientific research on mindfulness for police officers. In 2015 we saw the launch of a two-year study looking at the impact of 8 weeks of mindfulness training on health measures and cognitive bias among police officers. This is the second of two studies out of Pacific University in Oregon. To date, we’ve seen statistically significant reductions in perceptions of operational and organizational stress, improvements in sleep, reductions in anger, improvements in empathy and other encouraging outcomes. Our preliminary analysis of this latest study (60 police officers in Portland area) is showing a reduction in alcohol use by police officers, a reduction in self-reported aggression and a reduction in cortisol levels. 

Training Strategies

We train with cultural competency. This is critical.  We believe strongly that a warrior ethos grounded in awareness and compassion is necessary for an officer to navigate the arch of their career with positive outcomes. Training is delivered in a culturally relevant context by culturally competent trainers. 


Combines discussion of the science behind meditation and resiliency and an experiential practice of mindfulness skills. These can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization or team. 

Leadership Training

Seminars combined with sustained mindfulness practice applied to individual and organizational leadership with a leading self focus


One-on-one mindfulness coaching toward greater self awareness, resiliency and leadership of self. 

Assessment and Planning for Organizations

Consulting with public safety organizations and other trainers to aid in designing and delivery of effective mindfulness training for responders, managers and community. 

Immersion Training

A deep exploration into the science and experience of mindfulness as it relates to resiliency, warrior ethos, and the arch of the hero’s journey. With a focus on mindfulness skill building to enhance self-awareness, attunement to others, compassion, wisdom and peak performance, attendees will learn skills that can be translated to their personal and professional life. This training resources responders to take on the occupational stressors and trauma of their profession and learn to thrive. Retreat combines mindfulness with preventative mental health and fitness & nutrition education and skill building.


Immersions consist of a 2.5-day intensive trauma informed training (ideally in a residential landscape), which offers a strong foundation of understanding and skills in mindfulness for the police officer. The session is structured to bring both didactic and experiential training methods and allows officers to deeply experience the practice of awareness. This is a preferred starting point. 

Development and Coaching of Mindfulness Trainers  

We will work with responders who wish to become mindfulness trainings. Development of training plans, formal and informal training and ongoing support and coaching will be available for trainers in development. 

Advanced Trainings
A number of advanced trainings are available. This includes leadership training based upon awareness and leadership of self, instructor development for officers and community partners who desire to become certified mindfulness trainers or peer coaches, and specialty team training for performance enhancement.

Locally Resourced, Sustainable Training models

Mindfulness isn’t simply training. This is skill building to awaken ourselves to the possibilities of living a more present and fulfilled life. Mindfulness has the potential to transform our officers, staff and organization. To this end, building a collaborative team of trainers and peer resiliency coaches is a sound strategy to sustain forward momentum. 

We can work together to build a sustainable and locally resourced  training model within an organization and with trusted community partners. We can help guide the planning and development of this model and provide ongoing professional development/planning for officers and staff seeking to become certified mindfulness trainers.